Re: I think Avast is a virus :-)


Never had this happen on any of my win7 or 10 units.

Unchecky hasn't had an update in ages.

But if ccleaner is becoming dangerous and virus like, I am going to have to concidder taking it off all my networks, and never using it, I really like to do this from time to time but who knows.

I may have to use a portable one for now its been fine for me.

There are 2 tasks, a skip uac and a ccleaner update task it says its for installing emergency updates to it, but I just hope its not doing this avast thing.

It would be fine if the suite were accessible and working and they listened to users but its not really.

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The latest CCleaner does not allow unchecky to do anything. As I say i think they are getting wise and even if you do refuse any other installation, its sets a timer and  installs it in the background later on. I wonder if recover is the same as I see that is on the other machine as well.

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CCleaner (Piriform as a whole) is now owned by Avast and "an offer" to install it comes with every CCleaner free install.

If you choose the "typical" installation you'll get it for sure. I tell everyone two things if they want to avoid the installation of software bundled with other software they want:

1. Get Unchecky ( ) , install it, and leave it there to do its job. It's resource footprint is minuscule.

2. Never take the "typical" install option. Always choose customize, which gives you the full view of what the installer intends to do at each step, including the installation of other bundled software, so that you can make intentional choices.

You do not need to purchase the paid version of CCleaner, or virtually any "free" program, to avoid the loathsome practice of bundling but you do need to NEVER take the "typical" install, at a minimum, and it's really helpful to use Unchecky in case you might happen to miss one of the checkboxes you'd need to uncheck to avoid having something you don't want installed.

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