Re: Weather+ NVDA add-on required

Ron Canazzi

Hi Mallard and Others,

This add on does in fact work, but I have some questions.  First of all, the Drop Box link you sent was the new version, but when I installed it, it asked for an additional update.  This went fine.  However, all the previously entered codes are invalid.  I had to import a new code for my default city.  I like the idea of being able to set up temporary cities to see what the weather is like around the nation and the world.  Every old code from the previous installation is invalid.  I don't see any way of updating these codes other than deleting all of them and then reestablishing them.  Am I  missing something?

On 5/22/2016 8:45 AM, Mallard wrote:
Hello there Bhavya and all,

Here's a link to my Dropbox with the new, latest version of Weather+ add-on.

It's 3.8, if memory serves.

I haven't installed it yet, so I can't give any help on it.



Il 21/05/2016 22:10, Bhavya shah ha scritto:
Dear all,
I am looking for the Weather+ NVDA add-on, which still works as
opposed to the currently non-functional Weather+ add-on.
I believe it is available on NVDA's Italian website, i.e., but
it seems that this website is down at the moment.
Therefore, it would be really appreciated if someone could upload the
NVDA add-on package of Weather+ and share its download link.
I woudl appreciate any assistance.

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