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I don't mind you discussing it but have you tried a forum like Bleeping Computer?  A site like Bleeping Computer would have a better chance of you receiving useful suggestions than pursuing the matter in many other ways because a lot of geeks, not just somewhat knowledgeable users, give help there.  I'm not saying that everyone is a geek but the purpose of the site is to attract very knowledgeable people, among more typical users who offer help. 
If you explain in your initial message, that you are blind and explain the problems, you may get the reaction you describe from people who don't read the message carefully but you are likely to get other responses. 
If you propose the suggestion I made about the host file and ask how to do this, there is a good chance you will get a response. 
I don't know enough about Firewalls to know if you can block one installation of one program.  But the host file can be used to block specific web site access.

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Well, the reason for asking here is that having mentioned it in other geeky
places the general reply is. avast is probably one of the best anti virus
programs there is, why would you wish to remove it? People on ordinary lists
etc do not seem to realise the issue it gives blind users.

If nobody is interested I'll not mention it again
 The fact is that I have uninstalled it, used avastclear to remove all
files. Turned off auto updates in ccleaner and adjusted all settings in the
new privacy tab of ccleaner to off so it will not any more share with them.
 There seems, once this is done to be no silly running processes of avast
running in the services as there always is when you just uninstall it.
 I suspect that my sighted colleagues are the problem and if a  little
message comes up their reflex action is to click it so it goes away.
 Hence my question about blocking it completely. Yes I'd need to do an audit
and find out what might be doing it. Ccleaner is very handy however since
what we do does produce a lot of useless files and debris.
 Hope this clears it up.

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Then why has no other CCleaner user reported the problem not just on this
list, but on the other two active Windows users lists I'm on?  It doesn't
seem plausible.

How have you tried to remove Avast in the past?  And if you really think its
CCleaner, why not completely remove CCleaner and see what happens?

But rather than do that, doing what I suggest below may yield the wanted
result without doing unnecessary and likely ineffective work.

I don't know how you might stop it.  the question may well be too specific
and essoteric for the list.  Why not ask somewhere like Bleeping Computer
where geeks hang out to help with technical questions that range from simple
to obscure.

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Subject: [nvda] I think Avast is a virus :-)

I'm having terrible trouble stopping this anti virus once installed and
removed from making frequent attempts to reinstall itself. I have a
suspicion that Ccleaner is responsible for apparent random downloads in the
background without any input from a user. It then sits there and out of the
blue  comes up as installing.

Does anyone know of a third party program that can spot this and actually
stop it. maybe an entry in Microsofts windows 7 firewall or something.
 Unfortunately, the machine in question is a device used by both sighted and
blind, and its only when I get there and find this inaccessible over active
impossible to remove bit of so called anti virus software that  I get very
annoyed. I want to make it absolutely impossible to install it.
 Any ideas?

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