Re: pauses after punctuation and sentence end in different speech synthesizers

Giles Turnbull

I would very much like that feature, Abbie. I It is a nightmare trying to figure out which lines have hard returns and which have soft returns. Whenever I send a poem to a magazine, or enter it into a competition, it can be hard work making sure it is formatted correctly! I have a profile set up for editing with formatting, in which I slow the speed a little and have NVDA reading most formatting options, but I have found no way to indicate the difference between a soft return and a hard return ... soft returns are needed in Word at the end of lines within a stanza / verse, and a hard return is needed for a stanza break, where a single blank line is needed between the last line of one stanza and the first line of the next. Sighted people have it easy because they can see on the page how much white space there is between one line and the next ;)

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