Re: Tips for speed reading /listening with screen readers

Rob Hudson

Cristóbal <> wrote:
I cant’ even imagine trying to read a book or anything really for an extended period of time in Braille. Much less at a rate of speed that would make it even remotely close to synthesizer reading and comprehension.
I am a competent enough braille reader that I gave some thought to working for a company narrating things on tape, or mp3, or whatever they do nowadays. When I was in school, I got called on to read aloud in English class more than almost anyone else there.
The only problem I see is that if i'm reading books in audible format, the clicking of the braille display will be heard. I guess a noise gate could filter that out, but that adds more processing time, which adds more expense, which brings the cost to benefit ratio of hiring me too out of balance. Another dream down the tubes.

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