Re: Urgently need help! (about edit form in Word2010 with NVDA)


Hello. Your English is far better than I can speak whatever your
native language is. Don't worry about it, please. As long as we can
understand each other, we're good. What's your name?

As to your problem, I rather suspect that your form is in protected
mode. You should save it in order to disable that. I recommend saving
it to a different name than the original, so you'll always have that 1
as a backup in case the form you're working with somehow gets messed
up (it happens). Also, when you do save it, the computer will want to
save it to a temporary folder. Browse to your documents folder or
another of your choosing & save it there instead.

Then you can use the tab & shift-tab key to fill in the fields.

Please let me know if my instructions are clear &/or if they help.
Good luck & much success on your thesis.

On 7/14/18, prem.translator@... <prem.translator@...> wrote:
I recieved a form which is the templet for my Thesis. However, when I open
the document I pressed enter and type down some information, it seems that
the information didn't appear in the edit box, but before it. Moreover, it
appeared one line for each information instead of in the same line like in
the form.
There are three edit boxes in the same line, Title, firstname and surname,
but the information I put is not in the box and separated to be one
information for each line.

How can I deal with it?
Please help me and really sorry for my English.

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