NVDA focus problem.

John Isige

Hi all. I've noticed this for a couple of versions of both NVDA and Windows 10. When I switch windows with alt-tab, it seems like NVDA doesn't get full focus. For example, suppose I'm listening to a track, so I have two windows open, a Windows Explorer window with files, and Foobar 2000, or Winamp, or whatever media player I'm using. I want to alt-tab, let's say to turn repeat on or off or to see how much time remains in the file.

If I do that, it seems like the commands work, but NVDA doesn't read the window. For instance, right now if I play a song and alt-tab to Winamp's window, i can hit keys and they work, e.g. 'v' to stop, 'x' to play. But if I read the window title with NVDA-t, it says "explorer". The title is read correctly with alt-tab, but when I release alt-tab, I seem to be both in the window, and not in the window, as it were. The commands for the program work, but NVDA things, e.g. hitting ctrl-shift-r in Winamp or Foobar to get the remaining time, don't.

Is there a way to fix this? A different screen resolution or something? In theory mine's set to 1024/768, unless Windows changed it after an update. BTW this gets fixed if I alt-tab back to another window, release alt-tab until that window comes up, and then alt-tab back to the other window, Foobar or whatever. When I do that it reads like it should and NVDA commands work and all. That's nothing earth-shattering of course, but it is fairly annoying, since it happens on a regular basis.

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