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It's absolutely true, Brian V. I know of a certainty that some of us
have tried to engage w/the authors of security software. The results
have been pretty mixed, to say the least, & that's the very polite,
highly edited version, if you understand me.

What can make translation of commands difficult is when a sighted
person says, "click on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the
screen", for example, rather than identifying it by its text label,
i.e., "settings". It's just hard sometimes for blind folks to know
what all these icons look like, &, of course, they change w/various
iterations of a particular program at times. So, there can indeed be a
gap. The other thing that can make it hard is that many times when
fighting malware, we ask folks to boot into safe mode, which is
obviously somewhat problematic for a person requiring access to
assistive technology. Windows 10 has made some strides in this regard,
& there have been some registry hacks in the past to help w/this, but
clearly it's still a problem for a lot of folks.

1 of the things I was thinking about as regards Bleeping Computer is
their music during downloads. I have contacted them, explaining that
this is a violation of accessibility best practices, but, so far as I
know, the practice still continues. It does really amaze me how few
developers know about accessibility guidelines. I recently engaged the
folks who develop a particular WordPress plugin because their software
had become inaccessible when they upgraded versions. The responses I
received were pretty disconcerting, i.e., they said they would
"redraw" the checkbox to make it look like the classic 1, & then they
told me I was just missing features of the previous version because of
plugin conflicts. Uh, well, no. They finally got it right, but only
after I told them that I would really prefer they not reply to me
again, & indeed would find doing so disrespectful, until they read
some WCAG 2.0 materials, for which I provided links. (Yes, I'm aware
of 2.1, but those considerations weren't relevant here). So, it can be
pretty disheartening & an uphill battle, Brian V. 1 thing I think that
really helped when engaging the developers of that particular security
plugin was when a sighted guy jumped in & informed them it was an
accessibility nightmare. So I personally appreciate folks like you &
him who are in the arena helping us.

On 7/14/18, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 12:03 PM, Jackie wrote:

Unfortunately, as much as I like Bleeping Computer, their knowledge of &
attentiveness to issues of disability is pretty slim.
Hardly a shock, really.   The entirety of individuals with disabilities that
need special access to use computers is the proverbial drop in an ocean.
You are not the target demographic of any general purpose computer support

That being said, it's not the responsibility of random volunteers out there
in cyberspace to presume someone asking a question requires any sort of
consideration for assistive technology, regardless of the type, unless they
identify themselves as such.   Even then, a lot of the questions aren't
directly related to issues of access to begin with.  I expect, and have
every reason to expect, individuals who are blind to be able to "translate
into screen-reader commands" things that are given in point-and-click
nomenclature.  I have to translate in the opposite direction, and it's far
from difficult.

If your question has something to do with accessibility on a general forum
it's not likely to get an answer simply because the number of blind users
who go outside groups such as this one are incredibly small.   Any minority
has to engage the broader world, as the broader world is not going to seek
you out.  'Twas ever thus.


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