Re: pauses after punctuation and sentence end in different speech synthesizers

Travis Siegel

Generally, the way pauses are handled is that if you want longer pauses for the speech, you simply add extra punctuation.  I.E. if 1 comma pauses for half a second, then two of them pauses for a full second.  I realize that NVDA isn't built this way, but most dos screen readers were, and I believe speakup is also built this way (the sonsole-based screen reader for linux).  I don't know about orca, since I've not experimented with such things uder orca.  Obviously, this only works when you have control over the text being read by the synthesizer, and not stuff that is already written, but it would be a nice start.

On 7/13/2018 11:41 AM, Sociohack AC wrote:

Hahah, Hazel should definitely get an appearance fee.

Someone on reddit told me that in Voice Dream Reader you can control the duration of the pauses after punctuation and sentence break. It would be great to have similar feature for NVDA.  SAPI 5 voices do provide intonation pauses, but they also provide pauses after command keys, which makes them slow for general navigation. Maybe, we could have a feature enabling the users to toggle between extended pauses and short pauses.  For general navigation short pauses will be great, like they are in Espeak, and for reading long documents long pauses would be very helpful, like they are in SAPI 5 voices.
Someone please introduce this feature.  --


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