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May as well be a virus, its why I had to quit the dvdvideosoft software and buy my own, all those added programs screwed things up and I had to reformat.

Ironically, the applien stuff while accessible enough is still a bit clunky for me and so I don't use it, I have youtube dl which works, youtube dl-g in fact, its just a pitty version 0.38 is the only accessible well usable version out there.

With the death of a lot of the listentoyoutube sites like etc well.

Anyway, youtube dl-g 038 is what I use now.

Sadly winlame was a good converter, but sadly it doesn't do wav and has a lot of problems in the latest versions.

So my goldwave I have payed for comes in handy.

Ironically I don't use that software for what its meant for either.

Its for ripping cds mostly, converting waves mp3s and flacks and thats about it still I am getting a lot out of my 40 bucks.

Out of all the software I use mostly, goldwave,cdbxp, thunderbird, waterfox, ie, winamp, and youtubedl-g and 7zip, as well as dropbox a lot of the rest exists some comes and goes as I need or don't need it.

On 7/15/2018 2:15 PM, David Tanner wrote:
No, Avast is not a virous. It is supposedly an anti virous software. Believe it or not there is a difference.

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If you are a blind person, you may not see the bundling offers in a custom installation because of accessibility problems with the installers. While you should use the custom installation option, that is no guarantee as a blind person. And uncheckie, while it sees a lot and should be used, doesn't know about everything.

I would say that, before installing anything free, blind people should ask about the installation on one or more lists of blind computer users.


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CCleaner (Piriform as a whole) is now owned by Avast and "an offer" to install it comes with every CCleaner free install.

If you choose the "typical" installation you'll get it for sure. I tell everyone two things if they want to avoid the installation of software bundled with other software they want:

1. Get Unchecky <> , install it, and leave it there to do its job. It's resource footprint is minuscule.

2. Never take the "typical" install option. Always choose customize, which gives you the full view of what the installer intends to do at each step, including the installation of other bundled software, so that you can make intentional choices.

You do not need to purchase the paid version of CCleaner, or virtually any "free" program, to avoid the loathsome practice of bundling but you do need to NEVER take the "typical" install, at a minimum, and it's really helpful to use Unchecky in case you might happen to miss one of the checkboxes you'd need to uncheck to avoid having something you don't want installed.

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