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Akshaya Choudhary

On Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 01:37 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
Well I assume this is going to be a very big file.
Can you save the converted file from word before it crashes as another name?
It would be interesting to see what the file length is.
I have to say even in old versions of Word I used to get hangs and ended up
cutting up large files into two.

Its really hard to say more about it, unless we know more. is it every book,
even short ones. Does the conversion maybe corrupt the word doc at some
point resulting in the crash?

I very seldom have good experiences with big pdfs as they normally forget to
tag the reading order changes at some point making whole sections into
I just wondered why you converted it? Is it possible to read it in its
native pdf?

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I'm observing, when I convert a book from PDF to word and navigate it using
NVDA, the word document crashes after 30-40 minutes approx. This doesn't
happen if I'm working on document which hasn't been converted from some
other format, say when I'm writing a report in word itself

Why is this happening, is this because of NVDA or ms word itself?
Is this because of the heavily formatted PDFs that I convert to word and
word is not able to handle the formatting?
All suggestions are welcome --
Hello Brian! 
The file crashes after they have been saved. Conversions are saved successfully, but when I reopen the file it most certainly crashes after certain time.  If I let me stay open and don't navigate them with NVDA, they don't crash. The problem occurs when I'm working on them with NVDA.  
Yes, they are mostly big files. But even with shorter files, it will crash, only after a slightly longer duration. 
In short, I can't read a 200 page novel in a single go, word will crash. So I have to  close the file at regular intervals, say every half an hour, to avoid frustration. 
I need to add comments and highlight text for revision later on. Can all this be done in native PDF itself? Please let me know if this is possible. I don't know much about navigating PDFs with NVDA.  Have always converted them to word. 
 It would be great if I could on the native PDF itself. 

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