Is NVDA colourblind?

Giles Turnbull

Hello all,

I'm curious whether NVDA is colour blind. I have noticed this with two emoticons now, both of them involving hearts.

This one, ❤️, is spoken as "heavy black heart" and this one, ♥, as "black heart"

Having consulted sighted friends I have now described them as red heart in my NVDA default dictionary, but is this an NVDA glitch? I initially assumed it was a Facebook glitch because it was only there where I noticed the first one, but today I am reading a poetry book with one poem that is titled I ♥ NY in both the PDF and the text file I coppied the text into.

When I move word by word or use read line or say all I hear what I have programmed into the dictionary, but if I go character by character then I hear the black heart version.

I do currently have Chris Leo's Emoticons addin enabled, but didn't when I first heard the heavy black heart emoticon. The addin has not changed anything about the description of heavy black heart and I suspect it wouldn't change anything about the black heart if I uninstalled the addin.

Most of the time I don't care enough to check with a sighted person whether the emoticon that is described does indeed resample what NVDA describes it as, but with things like a black heart, which to me implied love in a sad situation such as after a death, it can be rather unsettling to learn that the emoticon is not as described. It was exactly that situation where I discovered the incorrect description. One of my friends used waht NVDA described to me as a heavy black heart and, when I asked whether the black heart was an indication of sadness, she told me that it was in fact a red heart.


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