Re: Is NVDA colourblind?


The default dictionary reads items when you are reading in a way that doesn't go letter by letter.  You generally wouldn't want letter by letter reading to have the dictionary do anything, you read letter by letter to see exactly what is on the page, character by character. 
Also, I doubt the default dictionary sees an item in full unless it is only one character when reading by character.  If you have told the dictionary to pronounce data as datuh, with a short a, moving character by character wouldn't present the full word to the speech dictionary.  That is my assumption.

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Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2018 3:07 PM
Subject: [nvda] Is NVDA colourblind?

Hello all,

I'm curious whether NVDA is colour blind. I have noticed this with two emoticons now, both of them involving hearts.

This one, ❤️, is spoken as "heavy black heart" and this one, ♥, as "black heart"

Having consulted sighted friends I have now described them as red heart in my NVDA default dictionary, but is this an NVDA glitch? I initially assumed it was a Facebook glitch because it was only there where I noticed the first one, but today I am reading a poetry book with one poem that is titled I ♥ NY in both the PDF and the text file I coppied the text into.

When I move word by word or use read line or say all I hear what I have programmed into the dictionary, but if I go character by character then I hear the black heart version.

I do currently have Chris Leo's Emoticons addin enabled, but didn't when I first heard the heavy black heart emoticon. The addin has not changed anything about the description of heavy black heart and I suspect it wouldn't change anything about the black heart if I uninstalled the addin.

Most of the time I don't care enough to check with a sighted person whether the emoticon that is described does indeed resample what NVDA describes it as, but with things like a black heart, which to me implied love in a sad situation such as after a death, it can be rather unsettling to learn that the emoticon is not as described. It was exactly that situation where I discovered the incorrect description. One of my friends used waht NVDA described to me as a heavy black heart and, when I asked whether the black heart was an indication of sadness, she told me that it was in fact a red heart.


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