Re: Jeff's addon repository

Josh Kennedy

I have a mixture on my system. I have the legal sapi5 eloquence installed. But in case I get a feature update and I lose it, I also use the illegal addon even though I legally purchased and have a legal license to use sapi5 eloquence. The only difference is: my legal sapi5 eloquence works with my favorite games and stuff. and it works with NVDA. They should change the copyright law to state that: if you legally purchased any copy of eloquence, but if another unofficial copy works better in some circumstances then, as long as you can show proof that you own a legal copy, you can also use any illegal copies ... but at your own risk. I actually purchased two legal sapi5 eloquence keys. But I only use one of them. that's what it should say... use illegal eloquence at your own risk and we do not support it so take any such discussions off list. 

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