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However I read that it does not crash for the sighted, which is a little worrying, and means perhaps that the virtual buffer created by word is just too big for nvda to cope with. In this case it might work better in Libra Office as it does not implement a browse mode for nvda.

Just a thought.
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If the PDF had a lot of objects (IE, pictures) that were converted, it might be having trouble interacting with your screen-reader. I noticed this the other month when I converted a very large textbook to word format. At the time, I was using Word 2010, 32-bit. The 64-bit version does a better job of handling much larger files, from what I’ve so far observed, since acquiring Office 2016 64 not long ago. If there are a lot of pics in the document, you could try stripping them out. There are a couple of ways to do this – one involves creating a small macro. I found steps to do this on the web, and I currently can’t remember them. Maybe try find and replace first.

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Subject: [nvda] Word 2016 crashes often

I'm observing, when I convert a book from PDF to word and navigate it using NVDA, the word document crashes after 30-40 minutes approx. This doesn't happen if I'm working on document which hasn't been converted from some other format, say when I'm writing a report in word itself

Why is this happening, is this because of NVDA or ms word itself?
Is this because of the heavily formatted PDFs that I convert to word and word is not able to handle the formatting?
All suggestions are welcome --

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