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I don't use twitter, but I believe that Twitter are removing an API that has advanced functions they say to make things simpler, but we all know its to get folk to use their site or their apps so the adverts can be seen.They are supposed to be releasing a much more detailed api, but are charging for use per user, which basically means that they are making a charge to avoid adverts. Strangely (ironic grin) not many third party twitter client writers have expressed any interest.
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Subject: [nvda] Twitter on a windows 10 machine

Hi guys

Is any one on this list using the windows twitter app? is it accessible?
or not really?

If it is accessible and people are using it has any one else written a
tutorial on using it or setting up also a twitter account etc in the

If they have could they send it on to me.

I have heard some third party twitter apps will not work after a certain
period of time some thing to do with changes with twitter is this one of

Any help would be great.

Apart from setting up a twitter account and looking at this app i have
not gone any further.

Gene nz

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