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Well, I guess the only way to solve this would be to ask the developers of nvda and see if they have any ideas. The question being on here I would have thought by now might have spawned some other people with large files who either do or do not have the same issues as you are having. Myself I do not use such large files and only occasionally use annotation etc, so its hard for me to be any help over the issue.
I think NV Access needs a go to person for such situations as this one to see if its an issue or some other problem is causing the problem.
If Libra Office cannot access the features you need without a browse mode then I will bow to your superior knowledge, but I used word a long time before we got browse mode in it.

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But, no browse mode in Libre Office would mean loss of essential navigating features, like navigating with annotations or headings?
They are essential for my work.
I will try to save the word document as editable copy , instead of exact copy, in Abby Fine Reader. let's see if it helps.

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