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On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 01:05 PM, Gene wrote:
There is no better way to encourage people not to learn to express themselves effectively verbally and in writing than by substituting codes and pictures for words.  The written word was one of the greatest achievements of civilization.  Now, it is being degraded and supplanted by images and representations. 
Which, in essence, was what I attempted to say privately in a response to Rob Hudson and applaud you for saying here.

There are rare exceptions, irony and certain satire being among them, where one may express oneself perfectly yet the reader does not pick up on the intent.  In the vast majority of other cases, the writer should be able to express himself or herself such that the intent in the message is quite clear without the addition of little pictures or character codes to elucidate.  That many do just that, but then choose to include a stream of extraneous emoji/emoticons that adds nothing to the conversation is infuriating to me (and, yes, I am allowed to feel that way - I do keep it to myself except in metaconversations about the phenomena like this one).

What's interesting is that even emoji now have a coded language associated with them, most of which I know nothing about.  Who would have thought, though, that the eggplant emoji would become a coded reference to the male genitalia?   There are entire communication sequences that get carried out entirely in emoji for those who know and understand the emoji code.  I'm fine with that, as one should write (and, yes, it is a form of writing) for one's intended audience.

Perhaps a big part of the problem is because the writer knows neither precisely what they want to say nor to whom they're trying to say it.


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