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Thanks for this post. I have been wondering over the last few days what the position of the list owner would be on supporting the illegal piracy of software. NVDA comes free to those who cannot afford the cost of a screen reader. NVDA has a more than adequate selection of synthesizers as part of its install. Our visual conditions, whatever they may be, do not include an exemption for theft.

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From: <> On Behalf Of Gene
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 1:02 PM
Subject: [nvda] Admin. Important. On promoting illegal software


I'm sending this as an administrative message along with sending it in the thread where this problem is currently occurring.  I have slightly expanded this message with another explanatory comment.


I've stated before, as much as two or three days ago, that promoting illegal software is not, I emphatically repeat not, allowed on list.  This is not my policy.  It is the policy of the list owner and it is standard policy on a lot of lists.  Gratuitously mentioning and impliedly recommending illegal software is not allowed. 


If someone wants to express a general opinion about when it is ethically acceptable to use illegal software, as I understand list policy, that is allowed.  Promoting or discussing specific programs is not. 


I support this list policy.  It doesn't matter what my personal feelings are about when and if it is justifiable to use illegal software as an ethical question.  As moderator, I am responsible for enforcing list policy.  The policy is in place not because of the views of those who run the list on the the question.  It is in place because promoting illegal software exposes the list to legal liability.  If people continue to disregard my warnings on this subject, they will be moderated temporarily.  I'm sorry to have to send this kind of stern message.  I moderate with a lite toch whenever possible.  But it's time for such discussions and implied endorsements to stop.


Gene, Moderator

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