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Pictures representing ideas or objects is not at all the same as symbols representing sounds that are combined to form words.  A picture of a fish representing the ocean is completely different than a symbolic method of writing the sounds in a language that make up the word "ocean."
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Latin alphabet is nothing more than another form of picture writing. It’s just what we know.

Image/picture writing has existed in advanced cultures in one form or another since forever. Egyptian hieroglyphics, Nahuatl picture writing and you can even consider the Chinese/Japonese form of writing to be image based.

I’m not an emoji fan, but it’s really just another example of everything old is new again.


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I feel too like emoticons are a regression of language.  It also has caused a lack of accuracy with regard to controlling devices, since manufacturers want to make all their customers happy, by attempting to not use English for labeling controls, and as a result, nobody can use the controls.

I refer to emoticons and such labeling as hieroglyphics.

And language has evolved from that time.



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There is no better way to encourage people not to learn to express themselves effectively verbally and in writing than by substituting codes and pictures for words.  The written word was one of the greatest achievements of civilization.  Now, it is being degraded and supplanted by images and representations. 



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On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 11:32 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:

Jaws says that too.

No surprise there, either.  Regardless of the circuitous route that's taken to get there, it appears that the default behavior is to consult the official emoji descriptions unless some exception code has been added that overrides it.  Since this thing was officially titled as "heavy black heart" that's what it gets announced as.

They actually need to update those emoji descriptions, but I'm not holding my breath on that after seeing what a great number of them are named that bears virtually no resemblance to what they look like to me.   I'm biased, though, because I really, really dislike both emoji and emoticons.

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