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Antony Stone

You say that you use a hotspot with your computers sometimes, but that you
wouldn't use it for talking, because that uses a lot of data (and that is
presumably expensive).

It may be cheaper than you think. I don't know what sort of mobile tariff you
have, but a typical pay-as-you-go example in the UK is from Three, who charge
3p per minute for calls, 2p per text message, and 1p per megabyte of data.

Voice codecs used for telephony use no more than 100 kilobits per second of
data - that's about 10 kilobytes per second. So, Three's 1p per megabyte of
data will buy you 100 seconds of talk time, which works out considerably
cheaper than paying 3p per minute for a standard mobile voice call.

I suggest you look at the tariff you get from your mobile provider and work out
what a minute's work of voice-over-data would actually cost you before simply
dismissing it as being too expensive.


On Monday 16 July 2018 at 21:42:45, Eleni Vamvakari wrote:

It doesn't matter to me if something is popular, as long as it's
accessible. Those who truly wish to talk to me have already said that
they would use what works for me. I'm not going to use something that
works horribly to please everyone else. I don't need stereo
recording, as long as the sound is clear. I usually avoid echo
cancellation and noise suppression, as I prefer omnidirectional
microphones which capture everything,a and which have a good, full
sound. I'm used to everything from records to mp3s at no more than
128kbps and sometimes less, so I don't need the highest sound quality.
But I know that I have to use a feature on Teamtalk to prevent it from
being extremely loud or distorting sound. How accessible is Google?
I, too, would be interested in trying whatsapp, but I don't know how
well the web version works with NVDA. I tried Messenger but although
I got it to work, I was not pleased with the interface.

I, too, enjoy filt ransferring. I hate dealing with Windows Explorer
in Windows 7, but in XP, it works wonderfully. This is one feature
that I wish existed in NVDA Remote, but I know it wasn't designed for
that purpose. I think Teamtalk supports file transfer.

What is the difference between TeamTalk and Team Speak?

I don't own or want a smart phone, as I hate touchscreens, but I do
use a hotspot with my computers at times. Still, I wouldn't use it
for talking, as it uses a lot of data.

On 16/07/2018, Tyler Wood <tcwood12@...> wrote:

I remember 3.8 had 8 k audio all the time. It has been forever since
quality has gone that low on skype for me *since* Microsoft bought it.

Go mobile, even on relatively good LTE, and team talk audio is so bad
you can't use it. It takes nothing to make you break up whereas team
speak has such a huge buffer you could probably talk in a stereo channel
on satellite. Very latent, but doable. I have played around with the
transmit interval on team talk to no avail.

I use zoom for work, but have yet to be mobile with it so am curious on
how it will handle that. I have a lot of rural areas that get excellent
HSPA coverage which should be more than enough for any audio
communication, yet team talk struggles like crazy. Frustrating.

On 16-Jul-2018 2:15 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
Well I use Skype and TT on my PC not in a mobile environment due to a
Android phone that has 8 GB of memory. I do 99.9 percent of my stuff
on said PC with a 200 MBPS download speed on my Spectrum connection.
Skype technologies SA should never should have sold their souls to the
devil AKA MS. V 4.X had great audio. MS broke it.

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- Maybe it is for you. Not everyone needs high quality audio for voice
communication, using tons of mobile internet that they don't have. I
have used zoom, and I see absolutely 0 difference in audio quality.
Mostly because of internal microphones with noise suppression enabled.

On 16-Jul-2018 1:46 PM, Lino Morales wrote:
If I were a podcaster I’d use Zoom or TT. Sorry, but I standby what I
said. The audio is crap.

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The audio quality is fine. It’s not zoom quality but I can understand
what’s beeing said, and if I can do my job still Ill take it. I am
actually loving skype and I do use it on my vodcasts.

On Jul 16, 2018, at 11:38 AM, Lino Morales <linomorales001@...
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The audio quality is crap. TeamTalk is better for what you want to do.

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I'm not exactly a fan of the new version of skype. If I can figure
out how to invite multiple people to a skype call, that would be
great. However, I can use this new version of skype ok. Granted, I
don't like it as well as 7.4, but I can use it.

On 7/16/18, Ervin, Glenn <glenn.ervin@...

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What ever happened to Microsoft Net Meeting?
I used to use that on days of dial-up and Windows 98.

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I used GW Connect for a while, but now, even the patch doesn't
seem to work.

I installed it on one of my machines a few nights ago, but it
wouldn't even

let me see my contacts. This is truly sad, as it was great
software. I

don't know why Microsoft is forcing everyone to use their software,
especially when it's not even fully accessible!
Usually, I use S Portable, which is a portable version of regular
Skype 7 if

I remember correctly. Granted, I don't really like the interface

either, especially as I have to use Task Manager to close the
program, but

at least it's better than the one that my friend has on his
laptop! I tried

it and got a headache! Here is the link to S Portable.

Personally, I liked MSN/Windows Live Messenger better than all of
the above,

as it was simple, fast, and in its earlier days, didn't include
all sorts of

unnecessary features! Now, I must find an accessible alternative
to Skype.


All the best,

On 16/07/2018, Ervin, Glenn <glenn.ervin@...
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Does anyone here still use GW Connect?

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