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As for win10, win10 is what it is.

I'd like nothing better than to stay with it, but I can't stay with 7 for ever.

And ms is making it harder to even stay with 7 anyway, the fact is a lot of the ms account services, music, then skype well they are gone now.

I may try to learn the accessibility in the win10 universal, then again, I am seriously on the hunt for another voip solution, maybe a client for skype web or is there something completely sepperate.

I don't need skype right now its just a real pain is all.

I would learn the new skype 8, but I may as well try to learn skype universal on win10.

On 7/17/2018 7:59 AM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:
Personally, I am still using 7, and soon I will purchase a Windows 8 upgrade, and I will wait until the end of Windows 7’s life cycle.
Then I will do the same with 8.
I have tried 10, and don’t much like it.
But it is what it is.

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Subject: [SUSPECTED SPAM] [nvda] New to list, newbie question, everything new starts here I guess

Howdy list,

I am running Windows 7. Lately I'm starting to feel like the guy running XP when there's a better option available. I remember when Windows 10 first came out NVDA advised not upgrading yet. I realize that was many Windows 10 updates and a few NVDA releases ago. My question is, since you are all it seems experienced users, should I take the plunge finally? How steep is the learning curve on Windows 10, and is Edge workable with NVDA? Also I'm curious about apps since I've never tried Windows 8.1 either.
Thanks for your help and your attention.

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