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I've been using Windows 10 since the release previews and like it. I find it loads faster and love the new start screens.
The Start screen is organized by panes, Start Screen, All Apps, and Pinned Tyles, which you can tab to and use your up and down arrow to read with NVDA.

I may not have this 100% correct, but All Apps is the default when tapping the Windows key and works very similar to Windows 7's start menu including the search Box.

Pinned Tyles is where you'll find misc. icons such as the Live Weather tyle, and Start Screen is is where User Account, Settings, and Pictures are.

You can also do a Windows-I from anywhere to bring up Settings.

One nice Windows 10 bonus is the ability to completely reset Windows without a DVD. I still have one in case in the rare event I want to do a reformat. Also, I run Insider Previews and a long-needed feature for us blind folks introduced last year was the ability to do a CTRL-Windows-Enter from the boot DVD to load Narrator and have a fully talking installer.
Works very nice.

On 7/16/2018 4:34 PM, JM Casey wrote:
I use Windows 10 with both the most recent NVDA and a slightly older version of JAWS (v. 18) and for the most part I really like it. I find it quite customisable and while I had to do some tweaking, it generally behaves very nicely, except for a few unexpected updates and changes I made to the system being revoked during those updates.
I only used Windows 7 for a bit at my old work. I actually did make the change at home directly from Windows XP to Windows 10. It’s not really that daunting and you can use as little or as much of the OS functionality as you want. Personally I don’t bother with the so-called Universal apps. They just never seem as responsive or robust as normal desktop apps and generally they are designed with mobile users in mind, or so it seems.
I love the new file explorer. There’s so much you can do with it. Also, for people like me who still think the command line is the best and fastest way to get certain things done within the oS, there are a lot of neat tricks you can use. I’m not 100% sure what’s also available in Windows 7 since I did not spend a lot of time exploring 7 as, you know, I was supposed to be working, but in general I’m a lot more pleased with Windows 10 than I was with XP. It also comes with Windows PowerShell (although I think 7 does too?), which I’ve learned to use to do a few neat things, like generate lists of random files or make backups of my media from my drives.
It's for sure true that Windows 10 comes with a lot of “bells and whistles” which I know I will never, ever use. When I first got it I found it to be a little cluttered with nonsense. But after clearing most of that stuff away, I’m quite happy. I don’t know anyone who likes Windows 8 and the general consensus among both novice and experienced users is that it was somewhat a failure. Everyone I know stuck with Windows 7. Some migrated to Windows 10, but most chose not at all to install Windows 8. This goes for workplaces and home users. Now that Windows 10 is out and has been for quite a while, I would personally advise staying away from Windows 8, but it’s up to you. If anything though, Windows 10 brought back some of the functionality from 7 that was missing from 8, so you’ll honestly be happier just skipping it, in my opinion.
You’ll probably want to download and install the Windows 10 App essentials add-on for NVDA, if you make the upgrade.
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Howdy list,
I am running Windows 7. Lately I'm starting to feel like the guy running XP when there's a better option available. I remember when Windows 10 first came out NVDA advised not upgrading yet. I realize that was many Windows 10 updates and a few NVDA releases ago. My question is, since you are all it seems experienced users, should I take the plunge finally? How steep is the learning curve on Windows 10, and is Edge workable with NVDA? Also I'm curious about apps since I've never tried Windows 8.1 either.
Thanks for your help and your attention.

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