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Eloquence is king for me. I never had any problem with any addons
posted to Jeffs nvda list or grossgang for that matter. What do you
think about NVDA open sourcing eloquence? I think NVDA should only use
open sourced add ons. This way NVDA can never get into a legal
dispute. Free and open source as a requirement.

On 7/16/18, Brice Mijares <> wrote:
I prefer one core voices.

On 7/16/2018 9:08 AM, erik burggraaf wrote:
I believe jeff's repository has add-ons for both.� I use the software
dektalk access 32 add-on myself which I download from there.� I neither

know, nor care what it's licencing may be.� It works which is more than

can be said for some of the paid commercial synthesizer add-ons for NVDA.


On July 16, 2018 10:53:59 AM "Ervin, Glenn" <>

I wonder if the dectalk one is the access32, a software dectalk.


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Your message may have the effect of discouraging use of add ons that
are, as far as I know, legal and probably work.� The kind of notice
you are discussing about requiring a synthesizer is for add ons like
the Dectalk Express add on.� That add on allows the Dectalk Express to

work with NVDA.� You are told in the information for that Add On that
you need the Dectalk Express to use it.� The DecTalk Express is an
external synthesizer. So of course you need the synthesizer.

I believe there is an add on that allows the Double Talk synthesizer
to work as well.� I assume the same warning is given because that is
an external synthesizer.

I'm not generalizing in any way about what add ons are current and
which ones may or may not work with Windows 10, for example and, of
course, NVDA is going to be changing over time and many add ons on
that page may not work with new versions of NVDA in the relatively
near future.� But we need to be clear about synthesizer add ons.
Those that talk about needing a synthesizer are, as I recall the page,
for those that work with external synthesizers.


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I have not looked lately to know what this add on is, but it used to
actually say that it would only work on machines where a free to use
of the synth was installed. This would indicate to me that its either
Voice or a very old copy� used with Jaws prehistoric versions!

If the add on is very old it may not even work on newer versions of
nvda in
any case. I think the site does hove abandoned and older versions of all
sorts of bits and pieces and really any of them are truly at the users
risk. we here cannot condone their use as we have no idea where a lot of
them come from.
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That isn't a legal add on.� Eloquence can be purchased legally.�
is a
SAPI5 version that can work with any program that supports SAPI5
speech and
there is a legal add on that can be purchased.� The add on, however,
very poor speech because the Eloquence speech has a lot of artifacts.
SAPI 5 version doesn't have these artifacts.

There are demos of both Eloquence speech programs available so you can

But regarding your original question, the list doesn't offer support on
illegal software as a matter of list policy.

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From: Sociohack AC
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Subject: [nvda] Jeff's addon repository

I'm new to all this. Somebody suggested to use eloquence addon for NVDA.
It's available on this website called, Jeff's Repository. Is is� safe
download from there?


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