Urgent help needed. How to add an existing Braille table as a Braille input table?

Mohammadreza Rashad

Hi dear list members. I'm a volunteer NVDA translater from Iran. I'm
also using NVDA as my favorite screenreader.
First of all, excuse me because of my poor English writing. Since it's
not my mother tongue.
Secondly, excuse me again about my probably-off-topic question.
You know that NVDA uses Liblouis Braille Translater to display
computer texts in Braille for us. Fortunately, Liblouis has Persian
(Farsi) braille table to output Persian text in Braille.
Regarding to what I wrote, Persian (Farsi) isn't listed in Braille
input tables. There are also other languages like Persian that not
listed in the Braille input tables.
I, as a blind Persian-speaker, want to add my language Braille table
(Farsi grade 1)
into Braille input tables. and now my question is: how can I do this?
Is it necessary to add a separate Braille table for Farsi? or the
existing Farsi grade 1 table is enough?
     Thanks for your help in advance
     Best wishes,
     Mohammadreza Rashad

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