Re: Is NVDA colourblind?

Steve Nutt



This is just another case of blind people crying because language doesn’t suit what they want.  We should try to adapt to the real world, rather than complain about language which evolves.


So often do I hear on Facebook for example that blind people whinge because sighted people don’t describe images they post on Facebook, and Facebook doesn’t always have alt text for them.


Well there are plenty of tools on iOS and Android to tell us roughly what those pictures are.


When blind people didn’t know they existed, they didn’t cry about it, now suddenly, because they know an image is there, they complain that all sighted people should write up their images.


In this case, my sympathies are with the sighted people, and we come across as a load of moaners.


And yes, I am totally blind.


Back to Emoji, if you don’t like them, turn them off.


End of rant.


All the best




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On Mon, Jul 16, 2018 at 01:12 PM, Ervin, Glenn wrote:

I refer to emoticons and such labeling as hieroglyphics.

Well, there was a time when using icons/glyphs in an attempt to create a "universal language" for things like road signs was accompanied for quite a few years with a small "label" for lack of a better word beneath it in the local language saying what it meant.  The same thing was true, but to a far lesser extent, on keyboards.  Those attempts have, by and large, met with great success.

On electronic devices, however, the convention of presenting icons and text as the default has really fallen by the wayside.  The first thing I do when setting up a device for myself is to make sure that icons and text, not just icons, are presented.   No one can possibly keep in mind what all the various icons mean, particularly for functions you might touch once every 10 years, if that.

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