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Are there features you want or apps you want to run that you can't run now?  If you have a reason to upgrade such as that, you may want to.  If you are more curious and have no strong reason to do so, I have real reservations about whether its worth upgrading a computer you are satisfied with. 
You may find some problem or annoyance you really don't want to deal with and you may not be happy if you upgrade just to upgrade and have one or more annoying problems, even if you solve them.  And Windows 10 comes out with a major upgrade every six months, which you must accept.  Some people have problems after an upgrade.
You might want to consider getting a tablet to play with Windows 10 if you are just getting it out of curiosity and not because of features or apps you consider important.

Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 1:43 PM
Subject: [nvda] New to list, newbie question, everything new starts here I guess

Howdy list,
I am running Windows 7. Lately I'm starting to feel like the guy running XP when there's a better option available. I remember when Windows 10 first came out NVDA advised not upgrading yet. I realize that was many Windows 10 updates and a few NVDA releases ago. My question is, since you are all it seems experienced users, should I take the plunge finally? How steep is the learning curve on Windows 10, and is Edge workable with NVDA? Also I'm curious about apps since I've never tried Windows 8.1 either.
Thanks for your help and your attention.

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