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Eleni Vamvakari

I'm on a family plan with TMobile. It's unlimited, with no overage
charges. But iy ou use a certain amount of data in one month, they
throttle the connection, making it much slower. I only use it during
the day when in the backyard or when on trips. Otherwise, I use our
home wifi, so it's not an issue. I would never use a pay as you go
plan, because I use the Internet for many hours per day, and my Skype
conversations are a minimum of three hours each.

I don't pay for the home wifi, and other things, which are not mine,
are connected to it. Plus, my parents know very little about
computers, so I'm not going to play with their modem.

On 16/07/2018, Steve Nutt <> wrote:
Hi Sean,

I like Chrome, so therefore, I like hangouts. I'd rather have Chrome than
Edge any day.

All the best


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I am not exactly happy with leaving skype, since skype has been something I
have had to use on and off, however while there was a potential time that I
may have had to use skype, fact is there for business it never happened that

Hangouts needs chrome, I would really like a stand alone client if I could
have that.

I have not decided but I may try to learn the new skype, however a lot of
family use whats app on a newer mobile device and there is also skype and
others and who knows.

I like my pc though.

On 7/17/2018 9:25 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
This is a serious question from someone who is aware of Skype, and dabbled
with it, but never adopted it for regular use: Why is this such an

It doesn't just seem to me, but it's been confirmed here, that there are
many alternatives to Skype many of which are accessible. It will also be
interesting to see what UI interface changes occur, particularly with
regard to accessibility, with Skype 8.0.

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