Re: Skype and messages or events.


For the UWP version, pressing Alt+1 to move to conversations will present missed calls and messages in reverse chronological order.

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Subject: [nvda] Skype and messages or events.

So question about the new Skype, and I think this should apply for 8 or the version in Windows 10. One of the things I really like about Skype classic is having conversations in separate windows. This isn't so much because it's easier to switch conversations, though it is, but rather because of something like this.

Suppose I'm at my machine, and then I say "hey self, I know what we're gonna do, we're gonna go practice mandolin for an hour and clarinet for another hour. Then we'll get lunch"! So I do that, and come back to my machine two and a half hours later. How in the world do I know if somebody tried to call me, or if I got a new chat message? With Skype classic, no problem, I alt-tab through windows and see "oh hey, there's a Skype window open". I'm pretty sure the longest I can tell notifications to stay open is five minutes, and even then, I can't always alt-tab to them, even if they're open. I also don't think they hang around in the action center for that long, do they?

There's probably an easy way to handle this and I just don't know it yet, because I have Skype for 10 on the laptop and I don't do much with Skype there, honestly I haven't done tons with Skype lately for some reason. But I'm sure that will change. Is there a fairly easy to find out if and when new things have happened?

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