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Skype 8's already out, it's much less accessible and much harder to use. It's an issue for those who need to use skype because the people they want to contact use skype and it's hard to convince them to do otherwise. That might be because of business rules mandating it's use for internal calls or skype subscriptions the business has. It might also be an issue for those for whom using Skype is much cheaper than using anything else, perhaps because they already have a long subscription for calling phones via Skype, a way to cheaply get gift codes for such subscription (perhaps from a loyalty programs) or some exemption in their carrier's data plans for using Skype that doesn't exist for other, competing services.

W dniu 2018-07-16 o 23:25, Brian Vogel pisze:

This is a serious question from someone who is aware of Skype, and dabbled with it, but never adopted it for regular use:   Why is this such an issue?
It doesn't just seem to me, but it's been confirmed here, that there are many alternatives to Skype many of which are accessible.  It will also be interesting to see what UI interface changes occur, particularly with regard to accessibility, with Skype 8.0.
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