NVDA vs. Narrator: NVDA still wins.

John Isige

So I listened to a very nice podcast about one of the new Narrator features on the Insiders build, the start guide. I fired up Narrator, just to see what it was like. Opened Firefox, and Narrator pretty much wouldn't read or navigate a site, Youtube as it happens. Popped NVDA back on, and it worked just fine.

Not to turn this into a Narrator thread, but does Narrator only work, or mostly work, with Microsoft apps? I periodically test Narrator because it's there so why not? Plus Windows is integrating it more, e.g. you can supposedly install 10 from scratch using Narrator, Narrator in safe mode, and so on. I figure that makes it worth getting familiar with if for no other reason than I'll know how to use it when it's the thing I'll need to use. But it's gonna be hard to become familiar with it if it doesn't work with chunks of the stuff I use. Is there a Narrator list or something, like this list basically? I tried looking around for something like "using Microsoft narrator with Firefox", but I just get stuff about using Narrator generally or occasional reviews of using older versions of Narrator.

I'm thankful Microsoft is making accessibility a bigger priority and giving us things like installation and safe mode, well I've never really tried either but you know, I'm glad they're there if something comes up. But for me, Narrator's nowhere near NVDA. I know some people have implied that it is, and I'm not trying to make this a fight or anything. So I'm sort of trying to find out, you know does all of this great functionality come from sticking solely to Microsoft's stuff? Because I don't get the hype. I can't imagine using it as my primary screen reader for any length of time. People say it's getting closer to things like NVDA. But for me, I just don't see it. Am I missing something? Because right now I think my dream scenario would be NVDA from power on, or as close as it could be managed.

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