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That’s a rather stupid blanket statement Sean. I’m sure their still a lot of blind people who still use Skype regardless of what platform they are on.


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Is skype app the same?

 From where I am standing, the blind just don't use skype anymore.

So we can't do any work needing skype now.

On 7/17/2018 11:59 AM, mikolaj holysz wrote:
> Skype 8's already out, it's much less accessible and much harder to
> use. It's an issue for those who need to use skype because the people
> they want to contact use skype and it's hard to convince them to do
> otherwise. That might be because of business rules mandating it's use
> for internal calls or skype subscriptions the business has. It might
> also be an issue for those for whom using Skype is much cheaper than
> using anything else, perhaps because they already have a long
> subscription for calling phones via Skype, a way to cheaply get gift
> codes for such subscription (perhaps from a loyalty programs) or some
> exemption in their carrier's data plans for using Skype that doesn't
> exist for other, competing services.
> W dniu 2018-07-16 o 23:25, Brian Vogel pisze:
>> This is a serious question from someone who is aware of Skype, and
>> dabbled with it, but never adopted it for regular use:   Why is this
>> such an issue?
>> It doesn't just seem to me, but it's been confirmed here, that there
>> are many alternatives to Skype many of which are accessible.  It will
>> also be interesting to see what UI interface changes occur,
>> particularly with regard to accessibility, with Skype 8.0.
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