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My reply is probably not what others will say.
If its your only machine and its important to you that it is stable and does not need a whole new installation of windows every six months. Stay where you are. You have at least two more years.
Windows 10 is a good version of windows. It is just a shame that they don't leave people alone with it and make it optional to have all the updated new stuff every six months with the problems it generates for installed apps and screenreaders updates to catch up. As you will see later on Skype is being done away with as most of us have come to know it in favour of an all singing all dancing version that is more like a mobile app then a desktop one with nice little graphics of the people in the call and a cloud recording function.
All very nice if you are a corporate user, but I'd really like to see an old fashioned front end for the average home user.
They of course say that they have fixed the access issues with it, but there is a lot of difference in my experience between accessible and usable. Many cluttered web sites are accessible but their usability is absolutely awful, a problem many windows apps are heading toward with the loss of a menu and property sheet model.

Now it seems like you need to have an overview of a screen to be able to make intelligent choices or the memory of an elephant for all the shortcut keys.

As I say, moving the goalposts all the time eventually becomes self defeating in my view.
I'm sure corporate users are not updating their whole raft of machines this often, and that makes me wonder why we are?
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Howdy list,

I am running Windows 7. Lately I'm starting to feel like the guy running XP when there's a better option available. I remember when Windows 10 first came out NVDA advised not upgrading yet. I realize that was many Windows 10 updates and a few NVDA releases ago. My question is, since you are all it seems experienced users, should I take the plunge finally? How steep is the learning curve on Windows 10, and is Edge workable with NVDA? Also I'm curious about apps since I've never tried Windows 8.1 either.
Thanks for your help and your attention.

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