Re: Jeff's addon repository

Josh Kennedy

If I had the money, I would personally buy the rites to eloquence and then I would open source it. And then this whole legal argument about it could finally stop. Using it is sort of a gray area though. Because well once again, lets say I purchase sapi5 eloquence. And then I also buy jaws which also has eloquence. So legally I can use sapi5 eloquence, and eloquence as long as it is the one tied to jaws and jaws is running. But if I want to use another free eloquence addon made by a 3rd party which may offer features neither jaws eloquence nor sapi5 eloquence offers, I cannot. Because some legal document says so? How am I hurting the developer? I paid for the jaws license, I paid for the eloquence sapi5 license. They got money from me. Why should they really care if I choose to use the illegal addon especially since I legally purchased not one but multiple sapi5 copies and a copy of jaws which includes eloquence? I could even go out and purchase the official codeFactory addon. But if it turns out to not be as good of quality as the illegal addon, I would use the illegal one. It's the same with a vehicle. Heck we have more rites when it comes to buying cars and trucks than we do with software. If I could see, and if i bought a car or truck to drive around and got my driver's license. Lets say well the truck I bought I want to give it a more powerful engine. I could switch out the engine for a different one, convert it to an electric vehicle if i wish, modify the engine to give it more power, etcetera. Remove the tires and replace them with caterpillar tracks... And in a way I could open source my ideas and show others how to do all this through youtube videos. The problem is that copyright law itself has to change. It is still stuck back in the 1980s or early 1990s. There is another way to hurt if you really want to, the eloquence developers and that would be just don't buy it and use OneCore voices. But some people due to hearing or other issues need eloquence or eloquence works best for them due to the specific qualities of its speech. Perhaps, to solve this problem once and for all, since eloquence is quite old anyway, the United States and UK and Australian governments should get together, purchase all of the rites to eloquence, and then hand those rites off to microsoft under the condition that microsoft build eloquence in as a free tts as sapi5 and oneCore eloquence right into windows, and also maintain the android version so it keeps working. I suppose I will go into feedback hub and suggest this for ease-of-access features. To solve the eloquence legality issue, the cost of eloquence should be spread out where whenever you buy a new computer, which also gives you the rite to use windows, you also have the rite to use eloquence as free tts built into windows10 or downloadable from microsoft's website for windows7 and above. 

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