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Hi Josh,
Eloquence? Open-sourced? Owned by Microsoft? You're joking aren't ya?
Seriously though. The sad and sorry fact is, Eloquence, like Keynote, is a very old synthesiser indeed. With that in mind, due to its age, and the possibility that they probably designed it for NASA spacecrafts (Well, the price tag would certainly suggest it), companies whose prices and DRM policies are stuck in the 1980's are highly unlikely to jump to the 21st century and say, "Well, nothing's happening, let's just open source it". They'd be more likely to say, "Over my dead body". All that hard work for nothing, eh?
As for Microsoft owning it? That's a double whammy.
Firstly, unfortunate though the game of life can sometimes be, we have no choice but to face facts. The majority of TTS voices are now leaning towards a more so-called "natural" feel. This includes Microsoft, who have attempted to make all their voices sound natural right from the SAPI4 days. Sapi5 and OneCore are no exception. Personally, I think it makes it sound choppy, and lag like trash. So then, the only other option will be ESpeak which, while portable, responsive and open-source, as far as usability goes, sounds to me like a trip back to hardware synths of the 1960's.
Secondly, since Microsoft do a good job of butchering everything that they so much as walk near...No. The idea of Microsoft owning something as quality as Eloquence makes me feel sick. Several potential pages of Microsoft-directed rant suppressed, with great difficulty.
Put it this way. If I were any good at self-learning new systems, I would've switched to Windows 10 long ago. As it is, I'm still on 7. And there was me thinking that was too big a change when I was forced to upgrade from XP!

On 17/07/2018 01:10 PM, Josh Kennedy wrote:
It seems like unless this problem is solved it will keep coming up. So I just went into feedback hub and I recommend all of you do the same. I wrote the following feedback to Microsoft.
Please purchase all rites to CodeFactory Nuance Eloquence TTS. Offer it as a free downloadable sapi5 and OneCore voice addons under ease of access in windows10. And on the Microsoft website as sapi5 for windows7 users. Also please maintain the android version so it keeps working and perhaps lower the price to $2 or $3. Nuance CodeFactory licenses are too restrictive. Adding Eloquence to microsoft’s voice portfolio would benefit those with hearing impairments. So if Microsoft owned it, whenever you buy a copy of windows or a new pc, you also pay for the rite to use eloquence on any pc you buy.and if you don’t want it, you just do not go into ease of access and download it. Nuance copyright is stuck back in the 80s and early 90s and has to change. If not, this issue will probably keep cropping up.
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