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David Moore

I was just saying that you can use Edge to do some browsing with NVDA. I am using it now to brows web sites. It should not be your default browser by all means, actually, I use Chrome the most. Chrome is accessible with JAWS and NVDA. Just see what you can do with Edge using NVDA and play around with it a little. It is usable to enter a web site and read the web page using NVDA with the win 10 app Essentials.
David Moore (win10 list moderator)
I have been gone over the weekend, so I do not know what has been said on here about this thread.

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Well do give up on the one with windoze 10, as it is rubbish. I don't know
what they were thinking when they created it and made it default. its got to
the stage now that even vendors who sell pcs alter it to Ie or Firefox, so
the experience for sighted users must be a bit naff as well.
I think we have heard enough of this now. I only recently got a windows 10
machine and can see, well hear, how awful it actually is.
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The alt key does not work only the tab key works. When red stone comes
out Microsoft says things will get better than they are now. Just don't
give up.

On 5/21/2016 12:21 PM, Pascal Lambert wrote:

Thanks everybody for the info on using Edge. Please, how does one
access the pull down menus in Edge? I keep hitting the “alt-key” and
nothing happens. Is there another way in Edge? All the alt key
commands of IE seem to be deactivated when I launch Edge. Please
advise. Also, I have a set home page, Edge ignores it and goes to the
default each time.

Many thanks.



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I urge you to get the NvDA add on, Windows 10 app assentials. This add
on makes NVDA able to access all of the results of Cortana in Edge.
Cortana can already do much more than Siri on an iPhone, so I really
encourage you to give Cortana and Edge to get her results another try
after you install the NVDA add on Windows 10 app assentials that
Joseph Lee programs. Using Cortana and accessing the results with NvDA
already makes me much more efficient with doing my work. You do not
have to do a lot of browsing to find what you want, because Cortana
does such a good job of narrowing down what you need and you can read
the results right away in Edge and totally access it with NVDA. I just
want you to know how much I am getting out of Cortana and Edge by
installing that add on to NVDA. Take care.

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Unfortunately there is not a way to disable edge entirely. There are
times when it will automatically be used no matter what you have your
default browser set to. One instance that comes to mind is when doing
a search with Kortana. The search results will always come up in edge.


Greg Wocher

On 5/20/2016 4:12 PM, Pascal Lambert wrote:


I find Edge very slow, it takes few mins to have voice feedback
when it is launched. I tried to get rid of it and make Firefox
the default but it comes back in certain situations. Is there a
way to completely disabled it? I prefer using Firefox even though
lately it is having problem with Flash player acting strangely.
Any suggestions on these issues is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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aren't links

There is more than just speed to consider. Firefox still uses a
different interface and it is a more convenient interface. Chrome
shows all sorts of things such as history and settings as web
pages. Firefox has a lot more add ons. Firefox has a document
reading feature that blind people can use. I tried using a Chrome
add on for this purpose and I couldn't use it. I don't know if
there are other Chrome add ons that implement this feature.

It appears to me that Chrome hasn't even put short cut commands on
some or many of its menu items. That sore of thing is and has been
standard since the mid-nineties.


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aren't links

ofr me it's the same!

chrome is in the most situations nice and quick, more than most
other browsers.

google has made accessibility extentions it is recommanded to
install for example the extention that let you navigate with the
arrow keys.


paul otter

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that aren't links

Hay very good news google crome is now accessible as well. I
now use it as my default browser

On 5/20/2016 12:32 PM, Peter Beasley wrote:

That browser is not fully accessible. Use internet
explorer or Mozilla firefox.

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*Subject:*[nvda] browsing with edge, and finding links
that aren't links

Hi listers ken here have a vexing problem. on two local
radio stations namely WOLD-lp, and WMGQ in NJ I can’t seem
to find the listen live. on WOLD the problem is simpler.
the listen live appears as a heading, but not as a link,
clickable graphic or button just the words listen live.
this is the only way to listen to the station without
tunein radio since they have change from a winamp based
stream to a flash based popup player. they have changed
stream providors. what must they do to make there stream
appear as a link and not just the words listen live? then
on Magic 98.3 the problem is even stranger. in order to
listen to all greater-media owned stations you must
register for their listener clubs. in the case of magic
98.3 additionally you are only able to listen to them if
you live in NJ, Pa area. same with active rock station
WDHA in dover NJ. must assume the same condition is true
with WRAT the jersey shore based rocker. I have tried on
three different browsers to log into the station and the
listen live is nowhere. no button, no links, no
graphics. there are listen links connected to
interviews/features but not the stream. didn’t try the
word play but no play buttons exist then just now using
the edge browser with NVDA clearly hit the letter f found
the edit field, but when entered the stupid site thought
Oh you searched for your email address, sorry no such
thing. so edge is obviously out since NVDA can’t seem to
focus on the right edit field. so my question is this,
how do I advise the webmasters of both radio stations?
especially magic 98.3 since I’m technically a music club
member? the websites for both are
<> for oldies 107.9 and <> for WMGQ.
perhaps someone with partial sight can advise on this
one. is it a fix on my end possibly?

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