Re: 2018 NvDA Add-ons Festival: turning the reins to other community members due to personal, academics and health reasons

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Yes for those who may be unaware of the issues one can get into without a
good bit of personal discipline, as a worker who is now unpaid with talents
charities want, I soon realised that the world soon starts to own your life
and no is a hard word to say, especially when you feel passionate about an
issue. I had to bow out of many committees and meetings and attempt to get
others to cover them. After all for whatever reason its in everybody's
interest to tackle these issues, and often its let the willing take the
load. Unfortunately in this case I am not best suited to this since I am to
programming what Donald Trump is to international understanding and trade,
but I would say that Joseph has probably put more into this project than
many people on here, so if you can help out, I would be grateful, as
although I seldom find I can listen and contribute to the con. I do often
download files and listen to them later on to get a feel for what others are
intending to do.
Joseph, nothing is worth compromising your health for, particularly as you
are still young. I am an old codger as we in the UK call us retired geeks,
but do enjoy the ability to keep using computers which I thought I'd lost
when my sight finally went.
Thanks again

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Subject: [nvda] 2018 NvDA Add-ons Festival: turning the reins to other community members due to personal, academics and health reasons

Hi all,

A few days ago I announced that I was planning 2018 NVDA Add-ons Festival.
However, because of upcoming academic schedule, personal reasons, and due to
possible toll on my health, I'd like to pass on the organization of this
event to other members of the NVDA community.

As much as I'd like to take on organizing this event to the end, I do know
that this may have consequences for my health and academics. As I'm taking
more advanced courses at college and start looking for graduate school and
other endeavors, coupled with upcoming competitive speech and debate season,
I do know that organizing an event that is scheduled for beginning of the
school year is very risky for me in terms of early grades and other
activities. Also, as I'll be traveling to different schools for debates and
other forensics activities, I know that keeping up with Add-ons Festival and
other events may become a distraction to my ultimate duty as a college

Also, I'm desperately looking for a time where I can just relax and think
about my future role in NVDA community and the project as a whole. The last
few weeks have been some of the busiest weeks I've seen as a member of this
community since June 2012, including helping out with NVDACon International
2018, chairing NVDACon Korea 2018 (hosting the main meeting at night my
time), making sure those who'll meet Windows 10 Redstone 5 have amazing
experiences with NVDA, putting finishing touches to Project Heliopolis
(wxPython 4 migration) and what not (more on Heliopolis in a second).

Thus, I believe I'm not in the best condition to organize 2018 NVDA Add-ons
Festival at this time, thus I'd like to request that the community take this
on. I'd be happy to join this event as a speaker (I have a topic in mind
which I'd like to present in a keynote-style presentation).

Thank you for understanding.



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