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Its not just that though, I've noticed even in windows 7, even if the app appears to be closed, a look at running applications and processes often will still show them in the list but using very little memory and no processor time. I have a theory that its to enable quicker starting the next time you call them.
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That’s because universal apps are not really “closed” when you press Alt+F4 – they are suspended, hence these windows will show up via object navigation.



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If I run some apps such as settings, alarms and clock, calculator, store, and so on, and then I close everything out with alt f4… If I use object nav on the desktop set to simple review, and I go up to the list view and go across, it still shows settings window, calculator window, store window, and so on. And I have to go into those objects and find the close buttons and hit capslock enter to close those windows. Why is it that even if I close out apps, some sort of windows stay open on the desktop? Are they notification windows? They can’t be notification windows, because I went into notifications and cleared them all out and away. So I have no notifications. So what are they and how do I keep or prevent them from appearing? I also have an object which is after the desktop list and it just says “window”. When I OCR it it shows some desktop items but not all. I wish we had an advanced object manager that let us reclass, relabel, and even hide various objects, and also do certain things when objects appear or disappear.


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