Re: Skype 8 for desktop answering incoming call?


Yes, to be honest web apps and mobile cloud services are the future.

Now thats not necessarily a bad thing its just that us humans will milk it  for all its worth, 1 ring for them all, etc.

The issue is especially for us old timers things don't always fit, and worse depending on what you have they may not fit at all.

Narator, maybe, but for reasons everyone is aware of even though ms says its the best, I still don't trust it.

If anything nvda is in a good position to go completely web as long as controls and menus work right.

Followed by jaws as a second.

Dolphin are trying but they are even slower than vfo.

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Is this the one being dumped in September for this mobile like looking jobby?
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Which version are you using?

My computer which is running windows 10 has the windows 10 app on it also the latest skype 8 desk top app which i am writing a tutorial for. In the desk top version skype 8 it has the options there to accept them automatically under calling they just have to be checked.

Just to confuse you as well there is a web version which is very much like skype 8

Gene nz

On 7/18/2018 12:34 PM, Cristóbal wrote:
I guess that’s a solution, but that’s not exactly encouraging. You figure for such an essential command, there would be a hotkey for it that would work outside of the program itself. I mean it already existed in older versions (alt plus pg-up).
I’m going to have to try tomorrow with it on my laptop. I haven’t updated my main desktop where I do nearly all of my calls so we’ll see.
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Hi If i remember right when the call comes in it lands on i think it is the accept button then press the enter key and start talking.

I am not sure if it was read out by nvda though.

I would have to get some one to give me a call to confirm again as i use voip alot now.

Gene nz

On 7/18/2018 11:08 AM, Cristóbal wrote:
Hello list,
So, I upgraded Skype for desktop on a laptop to try to get used to it before MS kills Skype classic in September. I came across some short cut keys from:
What I’m not finding is the hotkey to answer an incoming call. I can’t believe that there isn’t one for such a  basic function, but it’s not listed in the table. Start a call, hang up, mute, that’s all fine, but nothing for answering a call. Am I missing something or is this really not included as a shortcut key?

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