Re: New to list, newbie question, everything new starts here I guess


Well, portable means portable I guess.

So web apps should work, the net works at any rate, basic admin tasks, etc but yes a lot of extras need installed versions at least anything that needs admin access.

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Could I also add here. If you want to use a portable version of NVDA you will find it very much better on windows 7 than 10, simply because they use UIA a lot more and that needs you to be a user of the machine, ie somebody wityh install rights and all of that to use it. Portable versions often struggle in places in 10 where it just works in 7.
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Subject: [nvda] New to list, newbie question, everything new starts here I guess

Howdy list,

I am running Windows 7. Lately I'm starting to feel like the guy running XP when there's a better option available. I remember when Windows 10 first came out NVDA advised not upgrading yet. I realize that was many Windows 10 updates and a few NVDA releases ago. My question is, since you are all it seems experienced users, should I take the plunge finally? How steep is the learning curve on Windows 10, and is Edge workable with NVDA? Also I'm curious about apps since I've never tried Windows 8.1 either.
Thanks for your help and your attention.

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