Re: Lost the pound sign

Antony Stone

It sounds like your computer has switched from thinking it has a UK keyboard
layout (which has a pound sign on shift-3) to a US layout (which has a hash
symbol on shift-3, and is often read as "number").

To confirm this, what do you get by pressing shift-2?

A UK layout will give you double quote marks; a US layout will give you an
"at" sign.


On Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 16:18:29, Sakina wrote:

Dear Gene and friends,
Thank you for your help regarding adding new email address in my people
app. I am sorry for I am not too clever and am still trying to figure it
out. Sadly, I do not have many addresses and therefore would be happy
doing it manually. For now I am cutting and pasting the address in the to
Now today please I have lost my pound sign in my word document. I always
used to press shift key and press number 3 for the pound sign. Now when I
press shift key and number 3 it keeps saying number.
I do not know what I must have pressed accidently on the key board as I
am one hundred % user of keyboard and do not know what to do. I will
greatly appreciate any help.
Always thanking you all
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