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I suspect it is actually putting the number sign in the document.
When in word look at the language in use for the spellchecker and see what it says. My guess is it will say English US.
However I do not think I've ever had windows itself change languages without doing it on purpose.
What we need is an expert on this here. Changing what it says won't make it put the right character into a document at all. Don't mess with the dictionary, its just compounding the problem.

Sakina, can you send me an attached document with the symbol in it that you get where pound used to be, and also type the same thing into the message body as well, in case its only happening in the word program.
This is a £ ie pound sign and this is a # ie hash or number sign.

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Change it in the dictionary.

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For 7 years I have been using the same keyboard. It I am sure is not US keyboard.

Since last night, it always did the proper action.

When I just want letter 3 it gave and still gives letter 3

And used to with shift key give me # pound sign

But now when I need pound sign instead it says number.


Letter 3 by itself.

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That’s odd, mine says pound sign as it should

I guess you are using US keyboard layout rather than the UK keyboard

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When the computer says the word number in that situation it means the pound sign

On 18 Jul 2018, at 10:18 pm, Sakina <> wrote:

Dear Gene and friends,

Thank you for your help regarding adding new email address in my people app.

I am sorry for I am not too clever and am still trying to figure it out. Sadly, I do not have many addresses and therefore would be happy doing it manually.

For now I am cutting and pasting the address in the to field.

Now today please I have lost my pound sign in my word document. I always used to press shift key and press number 3 for the pound sign.

Now when I press shift key and number 3 it keeps saying number.

I do not know what I must have pressed accidently on the key board as I am one hundred % user of keyboard and do not know what to do.

I will greatly appreciate any help.

Always thanking you all


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