Re: Lost the pound sign

Antony Stone

I am not suggesting that your keyboard itself has changed - I suggested that
what your computer thinks the layout of the keyboard is has changed.

My girlfriend regularly uses a computer whigh has a UK keyboard, but Windows
is deliberately set to German keyboard layout, so she gets the German symbols
when she presses keys which happen to have something else written on the
keytops. Being blind, she doesn't care what's written on the keytops, and
neither does the computer - it just thinks "I've been told I have a German
keyboard layout, therefore those are the symbols you get when you press keys".

I ask again, what do you get when you press shift-2?

Double quotation marks would indicate a UK layout; at-sign would indicate a US



On Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 16:42:10, Sakina wrote:

For 7 years I have been using the same keyboard. It I am sure is not US
keyboard. Since last night, it always did the proper action.
When I just want letter 3 it gave and still gives letter 3
And used to with shift key give me # pound sign
But now when I need pound sign instead it says number.
Letter 3 by itself.
Why is "dylexia" so difficult to spell, and why can I never remember "aphasia"
when I want to?

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