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Same thing happens over here, in POland. Altix, the local distributor of JAWS, has recently released a series of articles about Jamie leaving NV Access for Mozilla even though he did this a long time ago and about all the features NVDA doesn't have and JAWS does. I've even heart accounts of people who were told by altix representatives that NVDA is dangerous to their computers and that it might fry their motherboards, though I don't know if those who retold the story were speaking the truth or merely exaggerating.

This seems like pressure from Freedom Scientific to promote JAWS.

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I have just listened to the latest issue of Techtalk from the RNIB in the uk on Audioboom, and there is an interview with the software man at VFO about what they sell and future plans, and the guy asked him about NVDA Though not actually  trashing it, he used that old ploy that one of the programmers has now left to go to Mozilla and nobody will install NVDA in a business system because its open source etc. anyway, go and have a listen and see what you think. I guess his job is to big up his own company, but I noticed, dear old Dolphin never even got mentioned!
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