Re: Questions About Internet Explorer

Ibrahim Ajayi

Thank you very much for your prompt response. It is indeed
comprehensive and detailed.
I can't thank you enough.
Kind regards.

On 7/18/18, Ethan <ethan8768@...> wrote:
Hello Ibrahim,

To remove a website from your favorites, in the favorites bar after
pressing Alt+A, locate the favorite you would like to delete in the
menu. Pressing the Delete key on your keyboard should delete the
favorite from the list.

With regards to Internet Explorer History, you can access this
information by pressing control+H. This will show a tree view, where
you can expand and collapse the items by using the right and left
arrow keys. Using up and down arrows will allow you to view the
websites in this expanded menu, or take you to other collapsed date
categories. To open one of these websites, press the enter key.
Alternatively, to return to the page you were on prior to opening the
history, press control+H.

Hope this helps,


On 7/18/18, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
Please I just want to know how to remove saved weebsites from my
favorites menu. I can't find any option in the add to favorites
dialog to remove them.
So, how can I go about removing them.
Secondly, how can one acess history on internet explorer. Unlike what
you have in firefox, in which there is a history menu, there is
nothing like that in IE. But I hear there is such a menu. Where can
I find it. Or how can it be accessed.
Kind regards.
From Ibrahim.

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