Re: Windows 10 shortcuts to items

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

try using autohotkey

Brian Vogel 於 22/5/2016 22:07 寫道:

You've answered your own question, largely, in your thread title.  One can set up desktop shortcuts quite easily to virtually any app or application (settings are a different matter).  If you prefer the old Control Panel for most settings it's available and you can put a shortcut to it on your desktop.

I am annoyed that the "Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut)" method is no longer supported from the search results, but the extra step of "Open file location" (which opens the folder containing the program/app, with said program/app already selected) then doing the "send to -> desktop (create shortcut)" works just fine.

The "This PC" file explorer window (for lack of a better way of putting it - it's largely the same as the old "My Computer" window) shows your drives and you can do layout tweaking there.

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