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Devin Prater

The only thing JAWS has going for it now is Braille support, and now with the Braille extender addon, even that is being challenged seriously. 

Devin Prater
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Hi Eric.  So how many years would the guy have? The guy has been there since 1993. I agree with you 100 percent.


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I listened to the interview.  I don't think the comments were too bad.  I don't agree with him at all.  There's no comparison between voiceover and narrator for example.  It seems extreme to say that apple is merely "checking a box".  I also don't agree with his assessment of apple updates vs jaws updates.  Some things get fixed quickly.  Others do not.  That's development.  Jaws is the same way.  I don't agree that most people who have NVDA also have jaws.  That may be all well and good for gene, but most recognize that a one screen reader approach, while not covering absolutely every eventuality known to man, provides huge benefits in learning curve, performance, and in the case of NVDA, cost.  Even if some nvda users do also have a jaws on their machine, it is most likely a demonstration version.

Anyhow, he's wrong, but we all know it, and he's entitled to his opinion and we all know that too.  Eventually all the exclusivity agreements in the world won't save VFO no matter how many companies they gobble up.  Let him do his thing.  He's only got a few more years left tops.



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You can find the podcast episode on this page:



Hope this helps,




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Hi all,

To Brian: we need the link to that podcast please to we can verify assertions made here.




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That’s great Devin!


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The assistive tech department here teaches NVDA, and other low-cost solutions, although iPhone is still taught for blind people, but Android is used by many low-vision people.


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Yes there are deliberate lies going on with those blind organisations about alternative products. What they fail to take into account is that there are cutbacks going on in education, employment, and funding can only go so far. Not only that, but when the cutbacks begin to bite, these organisations will be forced to seek out cheaper things such as NVDA. At that point, they may go with NVDA. What also surprises me is that VFO hasn't even put up their prices yet!

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Same thing happens over here, in POland. Altix, the local distributor of 
JAWS, has recently released a series of articles about Jamie leaving NV 
Access for Mozilla even though he did this a long time ago and about all 
the features NVDA doesn't have and JAWS does. I've even heart accounts 
of people who were told by altix representatives that NVDA is dangerous 
to their computers and that it might fry their motherboards, though I 
don't know if those who retold the story were speaking the truth or 
merely exaggerating.

This seems like pressure from Freedom Scientific to promote JAWS.

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I have just listened to the latest issue of Techtalk from the RNIB in 
the uk on Audioboom, and there is an interview with the software man at 
VFO about what they sell and future plans, and the guy asked him about 
NVDA Though not actually  trashing it, he used that old ploy that one of 
the programmers has now left to go to Mozilla and nobody will install 
NVDA in a business system because its open source etc. anyway, go and 
have a listen and see what you think. I guess his job is to big up his 
own company, but I noticed, dear old Dolphin never even got mentioned!

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