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Don't try that combination unless you know what it does.  It may be a short cut command that changes a setting in Word you won't know about until you print a document and it isn't formatted correctly.  Don't use alt anything combinations unless you know what they do. 
There are some combinations that are so standard that you can assume that they do this or something similar.  Alt f usually opens the file menu.  That is safe to try.  But trying combinations that are not standardized and you have no idea what they do, if anything, is a bad idea.  And it definitely won't do what you want since combinations like that are commands, if they do anything.
It is possible you changed the language your computer keyboard input is set to.  There is a short cut for that purpose.  You may have pressed the short cut command without knowing it.  Someone will probably tell you the command if you don't know it.  You can try it and see what happens.  I don't know it, I just know there is one.  I also believe that you will hear the language announced that you have switched to and that you can keep pressing it until you get to the language you want.  I don't know this, but based on comments earlier in the thread, it will probably say Brittish English or something similar when you get to the one you want.

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Give alt-shift a try…


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For 7 years I have been using the same keyboard. It I am sure is not US keyboard.

Since last night, it always did the proper action.

When I just want letter 3 it gave and still gives letter 3

And used to with shift key give me # pound sign

But now when I need pound sign instead it says number.


Letter 3 by itself.



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That’s odd, mine says pound sign as it should

I guess you are using US keyboard layout rather than the UK keyboard



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When the computer says the word number in that situation it means the pound sign


On 18 Jul 2018, at 10:18 pm, Sakina <sakina.gable@...> wrote:

Dear Gene and friends,

Thank you for your help regarding adding new email address in my people app.

I am sorry for I am not too clever and am still trying to figure it out. Sadly, I do not have many addresses and therefore would be happy doing it manually.

For now I am cutting and pasting the address in the to field.

Now today please I have lost my pound sign in my word document. I always used to press shift key and press number 3 for the pound sign.

Now when I press shift key and number 3 it keeps saying number.

I do not know what I must have pressed accidently on the key board   as I am one hundred % user of keyboard and do not know  what to do.

I will greatly appreciate any help.

Always thanking you all



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