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It may be a change in Word, it may not.  It may be a change in the keyboard language input in Windows.  Whatever the case, the change almost certainly resulted in accidentally pressing a short cut command and the question is, what shortcut command changes the language language in Windows and what command changes the language Word is using.
It can be easily determined if the change is in the keyboard input for Windows setting or the Word language.  Open Notepad.  Press shift 3.  What do you hear?  If you hear what you expect to hear, the change is in Word.  If you still hear the wrong thing, the change is in Windows.

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I'd not know how this could be changed accidentally. Would she be likely to
have system restore on and be able to go back to a couple of days ago, or is
it off in 10 by default. Even then, I'm not sure it has any effect on the
installed keyboard language. i have had issues in the past with word
deciding to use American english templates for documents for no good reason
which really fouls up the spell checker big time!


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> It sounds like your computer has switched from thinking it has a UK
> keyboard
> layout (which has a pound sign on shift-3) to a US layout (which has a
> hash
> symbol on shift-3, and is often read as "number").
> To confirm this, what do you get by pressing shift-2?
> A UK layout will give you double quote marks; a US layout will give you an
> "at" sign.
> Antony.
> On Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 16:18:29, Sakina wrote:
>> Dear Gene and friends,
>> Thank you for your help regarding adding new email address in my people
>> app. I am sorry for I am not too clever and am still trying to figure it
>> out. Sadly, I do not have many addresses and therefore would be happy
>> doing it manually. For now I am cutting and pasting the address in the to
>> field.
>> Now today please I have lost my pound sign in my word document. I always
>> used to press shift key and press number 3 for the pound sign. Now when I
>> press shift key and number 3 it keeps saying number.
>> I do not know what I must have pressed accidently on the key board   as I
>> am one hundred % user of keyboard and do not know  what to do. I will
>> greatly appreciate any help.
>> Always thanking you all
>> Sakina
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