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Well nvda is not jaws, the only reason jaws is better than nvda is its older than us and thats just about it.

But I think we will get there.

We have a scripting language which is a standard language that people use, we use standard libraries and formats, there is no custom company proprietry code anywhere.

Saying that, nvda was built for the cloud and web systems a lot of the newer apps handle well with it.

Universal we are not there just yet but we are damn close now to that.

Jaws is older, we don't have what jaws has right now so jaws is still better than nvda but we will catch up, and quickly.

On 7/19/2018 8:05 AM, Gene wrote:
That is not true. There are many cases where JAWS is superior for business uses and where the user can define things that may mean the difference between immediate productivity or waiting for someone to develop an NVDA script.

You can't create frames in NVDA. That is essential for a product that would be represented as on a par with JAWS for business and academic and other specialized uses.

You can't redefine structures such as something that presents itself as a list and you want it represented as something else to get proper functionality.

You don't have the control over how much is spoken automatically as you do with JAWS. That is, there is no screen echo setting as there is in JAWS. At times, such a setting is very valuable.

I helped a woman who was using a VPN for medical transcribing from home. I defined frames that read specific things, such as only the relevant lines of screens and only when needed such as announcing very specific text on the log in screens. I don't remember if I had the frames do anything else such as move the cursor to the proper fields.

This kind of bashing is inaccurate and is ideological. Many of the features people use daily and love in NVDA were either developed in JAWS or refined there. Don't disparage the sholders of those who developed screen-readers and made invaluable contribution to their general design that NVDA stands on.

None of which is to say that NVDA isn't a powerful screen-reader. It is. But there are certain uses where JAWS is still superior and that superiority may mean the difference between employment or not in some settings.

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Oh come on. I’ve not ben using freedom rash tiva's products now for 8 years and I’m quite happy with it. I do talk to employers though and they say I either use jaws or nothing at all, they don’t want to install nvda on their systems. I explain what it is, and even my services here don’t want to deal with nvda even though i’ve brought it up. They don’t like open source. I wish that people would quit using freedom trash tiva’s stuff and switch to nvda, it is over all the best experience and getting better on a daily basis.

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I have just listened to the latest issue of Techtalk from the RNIB in the uk on Audioboom, and there is an interview with the software man at VFO about what they sell and future plans, and the guy asked him about NVDA Though not actually trashing it, he used that old ploy that one of the programmers has now left to go to Mozilla and nobody will install NVDA in a business system because its open source etc. anyway, go and have a listen and see what you think. I guess his job is to big up his own company, but I noticed, dear old Dolphin never even got mentioned!

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